Spring Boot Interview with Stéphane Nicoll

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If you follow the world of Java and Open Source, there’s a big chance that you have stumbled upon articles,videos, forum answers, talks, and code from  Stéphane Nicoll the Spring Framework/Boot committer from Pivotal

I had the pleasure of talking with Stéphane and I interviewed him about Spring Boot.

My questions were  : 

  • One of the big topics in Spring Boot 2.0 is the support for Spring 5. What does this mean exactly? What’s new, feature wise?
  • How is reactive programming reflected in Spring Boot 2.0?
  • Is Spring Boot only suitable for writing micro-services or can it be used for other types of applications such as monolithic ?
  • What are best practices to Migrate from Spring (framework) to Spring Boot based projects ?
  • Are there some tips you would offer for us as Spring Boot developers ?
  • What is planned in next major release of Spring Boot ?

Check My video  on youtube : 

Many Thanks to Stephane for his time .

Stay tuned Gys for  other interviews .

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